<strong>10 ways to find cheapest airline tickets</strong>

In this article you will learn everything about booking a cheap flight ticket via the internet. This blog is written by a holiday and vacations expert of the flight ticket booking engine flightticketdeal.com. Via this website it’s very easy to compare flight tickets and get yourself the best prices. 

1. Book airline tickets as soon as possible.
Buying an airline ticket well in advance of your departure increases your chances of finding the best prices. The closer the departure date, the higher ticket prices will be. Airlines sell tickets early to help fill seats so finding them cheaper at the last minute is rare. Low cost, traditional airlines offer the best when booking several months in advance.

2. Search for airline tickets.

Use search engines for airline tickets. The highly recommended ones are those which search: tickets, travel agencies and negotiate ticket rates. These quick searches save time and there’s no need to browse multiple airline websites. The optimal solution is to select a few good search engines and check them from time to time to keep track of the best deals available.

3. Do not purchase on weekends.

In most cases the cheapest tickets are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. However, check the offer from time to time. Airlines are competing with each other and attractive airline ticket offers can occur at any time. Often, there are situations where the best bid price on airline tickets are only available for a few hours.

4. Cheap flights usually occur during off seasons.

Carriers raise ticket prices during holidays, school holidays, or during times of increased tourist traffic. If you can schedule a departure out of season, you have a greater chance at cheaper flights. The best times of the year for ticket reservations and flights are October thru November and January thru April.

5. Check airline promotions.

Airlines have periodic promotions which advertise on the sides of carrier’s webpages. Don’t overlook these advertisements. If the offer found in a search engine isn’t the best you always have the initial website to go back to.

6. Cheap flights occur on weekdays.

Traveling early morning or evening on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday is usually cheaper. Even though it’s becoming less common, there’s an exception to the “Sunday Rule”, where travelers must spend at least one Sunday at their destination, starting from the day of their departure.

7. Check the days adjacent to the planned departure date.

In many cases, postponing the date of departure by a few days earlier or later may result in a lower price for the flight. E.g. You can book cheap flights in August

8. Direct flights.

If you want to buy a cheap airline ticket, consider a flight with layovers as opposed to a direct flight. This especially pertains to long distance flights. On a side note, a cheap flight for long distance doesn’t necessarily mean the best deal. The layover might be an overnight stop, in which you will have to rent a hotel room and this significantly increases the total cost of the flight.

9. Don’t stick to one airline.

There are opportunities to find cheap airline tickets if your route can be divided into two sections – each section searched independently to find the best possible price. The same goes for your return flight. Remember to sort your search results by price to save time.

10. Low cost airlines are not always the cheapest.

Remember to calculate all costs of getting to and from the airport: add this to your ticket price to see exactly how much you’re spending.

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