laadkabel tesla model 3

Most cars from the US or Europe are charged with a Type 2 charging cable. The vehicle has a Type 2 charging port on the vehicle side for a Type 2 plug. The plug on the vehicle side is of the type IEC 62196. Our charging cables always have a Type 2 plug for use at the side of the charging station or in a wallbox/home charging station. This also applies to Type 1 charging cables. 95% of the charging stations in Europe are equipped with Type 2. If you are travelling to a country where you are not sure whether the Type 2 charging cable is the right one, check it before you travel and buy an adapter if necessary.

There are two types of Type 2 charging cables: those that must be used in conjunction with a charging station and those that do not.
This is also called a mobile charging cable. Type 2 charge cables which must be used with a charging station always have a Type 2 connector at this end.
This is advantageous because this charging cable can be used with any charging station. An important advantage of a Type 2 charge cable is that it is automatically locked by the car when charging starts. This prevents the charging cable from being stolen.

The quality of the charging cables available online varies greatly. Important requirements are that the plug installation is watertight and that the contacts are silver-plated. Contacts are an important part of power transmission and power transmission is always optimal when the contacts are silver-plated.

Also, high-quality Type 2 charging cables are usually available in a bold colour, such as blue. This ensures that the charging cable is highly visible and that people are less likely to step on or trip over it.