Waar wordt Epoxylijm voor gebruikt?

Epoxy glue is a powerful adhesive used for all kinds of different projects. It is a versatile adhesive that can create strong and durable joints. The adhesive is popular with many different companies that are mainly involved in construction and machining goods into a finished product. This is also the reason why you hear more and more about epoxy glue in recent times. Epoxy glue is often used in repairing broken objects, such as ceramics, glass and wood. When building model aircraft, epoxy glue is a popular choice because it provides a strong bond between different parts, such as the fuselage, wings and tail.

Building aircraft

Epoxy glue plays an important role in building aircraft. It is used to bond different materials together, such as metal, fibreglass and carbon fibre. From attaching wings to joining interior parts, epoxy glue provides a strong and reliable bond that can withstand the extreme conditions aircraft face. Epoxy glue offers the perfect solution as it not only creates a strong bond but also provides a lightweight result. This helps to reduce aircraft weight and improve performance.

Building cars

Epoxy glue is also widely used in building cars. It is used to attach different parts together, such as body parts, spoilers and interior elements. The strong adhesion of epoxy glue ensures that these parts remain firmly in place, even under harsh conditions.Many companies buy this glue from a glue webshop. There, you can easily find different types of glue, such as epoxy glue. Epoxy glue makes cars more resistant to vibrations, shocks and other stresses that occur while driving. In addition, epoxy glue can also help reduce the overall weight of the car, resulting in better fuel efficiency.